Things to Do During Christmas Break

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The holidays are here, and its time to have fun. Perhaps you are thinking of decorating your home or buying gifts for your family and friends. But this is probably how you have been celebrating Christmas every other year. It is time you did things differently. Here are the unique things you can do during this Christmas break.

Send Santa a Letter

You are not too old to reach out to Santa. Just write a simple and exciting letter to the North Pole where Santa lives. In the letter, list what you are grateful for and hope to achieve in the coming year. The USPS has instructions and tips, or now you can write and send a letter to Santa. They also have instructions on how you can receive a letter from Santa.

Take Part in a Tree Lighting Event

The most recognizable thing during Christmas is the Christmas tree. Many people prefer to buy their own tree and display it at their home. But there is much more fun when you attend a ceremony where a large Christmas tree is on display. You will join hundreds of people with their own stories and excitement. You also get to witness the latest Christmas attire and smart devices. This is much more exciting than sitting at home, lighting your own tree.

Take a Selfie With Santa

It doesn’t matter how old you are. You’ll always have that childish excitement when you go to a shopping mall and see Santa. Don’t be shy to take a snapshot with the old saint. If you have a young child, encourage them to take a selfie with Santa. Head over to Pinterest and see some Santa selfie ideas.

Attend a Christmas Festival

As stated earlier, celebrating Christmas in the company of many other people is wonderful, exciting, and thrilling. Many towns and cities have occasional Christmas festivals where local delicacies are served. Additionally, the organizers of the Christmas Festival may decide to invite a local band or entertainers.

A Christmas Festival is also the best place to donate to the poor or even purchase things at discount prices. You will come face-to-face with hundreds of Christmas trees and colorfully decorated streets. Put on your Christmas attire and rush to the nearest Christmas Festival.

Prepare Cookies For Santa

Santa also gets hungry. The holidays are a time to show compassion, care, and love. Even if you’re now at the age where you don’t believe stories about Santa, you can still do some of the activities associated with Santa Claus. One of these is leaving some cookies for Santa on the eve of Christmas day. Of course, he won’t eat them, but you can eat them the next day.

Create Your Own Christmas Tree

If crowds are not your thing, you can still have fun at your home. But instead of buying a ready-made Christmas tree, perhaps you should chop your own tree. Many people prefer purchasing plastic Christmas trees because they are cheaper and more glamorous. However, an actual wooden tree that you make yourself is a dream come true.

To design and make your own Christmas tree, there are several things you must do. First, visit tree farms near you and select the right one. Next, start decorating the tree with bubbles, balloons, and lighting.

Send Gifts

This is not a unique thing. You have probably been sending gifts to your friends and family for many years. This year, you can take it a step further by sending a surprise gift. This can be a gift you made yourself, such as cute glass jars or even a knitted sweater. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it will be best if the gift you sent demonstrated creativity and love. Alternatively, you can purchase a ping pong table from and send it to one of your friends.

Reach Out to Old Friends

Christmas is the ideal time to remember the people who have been part of your life. For one reason or another, you may have lost contact with these people. This Christmas holiday, find their contacts and call them. Find out how they’ve been faring on and promise them that you will keep in touch. There is something special about starting the new year by reviving old friendships.


2020 has been a rough year full of lockdowns, quarantine, and social distancing. That doesn’t mean that we should end the year in a gloomy mood. Be cheerful, active, and happy with these Christmas activities.

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