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With the present popularity of the internet, it guarantees an easier way to reach a wider audience. That’s why many magazines and other websites have blog features. Thus, we bring you insightful, entertaining, and informative content on our site. We have a wide range of topics that ensure to keep you updated concerning various issues and events.

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Who We Are

Almost everyone knows pinatas, but unlike our name suggests, we don’t pour out candy. However, it does mean that we have lots of good stuff for you to gain from us. In this case, it happens to be amazingly curated content. The beauty of it is that just like assorted candy, we discuss different things. Therefore, there’s something for everyone here.

Our Team

Authors and Editors

Our team consists of diverse individuals, not only outwardly, but in thought patterns, experience, and specialties. We have writers that curate and prepare the content, editors, and various functional members. Everyone plays a role in ensuring the smooth running of the magazine. We also have an inclusive work environment, which increases efficiency and boosts teamwork.

Maryellen A. Salazar Founder of Pinata Magazine

Our Founder

Maryellen A. Salazar is an experienced businesswoman and a skillful writer. She started this magazine and blog because of her love for media and communication. Maryellen was always one of those people collecting various magazines to read and share it with our audience. She is humble and loves simple things like reading a good book and a perfect cup of coffee.

She also loves originality and infuses that into this venture without hesitation. Our founder knows the importance of being a lifelong learner and embraces it. Similarly, she also enjoys teaching others and is passionate about imparting knowledge and information. Hence, the primary reason behind her desire to start the Pinata.

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